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Mi Onsen & Spa helps relieve customers' fatigue and tension after their Thailand vacation
by providing a healthy massage and onsen.

Mi Onsen&Spa

Bangkok's largest, was built over 3 years by Koreans. For the No. 1 Onsen & Spa title in Bangkok, Thailand, we are striving to deliver maximum satisfaction to our customers visiting Mi Onsen & Spa, providing continuous massage training and health care for our customers.

In Mi Onsen & Spa, you can enjoy a variety of our services, including a sauna and massage, as well as Korean-style luxury saunas. As Bangkok's largest Onsen spa, the hygiene of our communal facilities is the best in the city. Take a refreshing bath and relax with a massage.

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Mi Onsen & Spa

Mi Onsen & Spa is Bangkok's largest onsen & spa, newly opened in 2023, with a total size of more than 3300m² , from the first to third floors. It has the same sauna facilities as in Korea, including hot, cold, dry, and humid saunas. Inside the sauna there is also a separate rest area where you can relax after the sauna. We give great attention to hygiene by constantly sanitizing and cleaning on a daily basis. Men and women of all ages can choose from a variety of our services at Mi Onsen & Spa.


Room information

Mi Onsen & Spa is the first luxury Onsen, spa and massage in Bangkok with 15 massage rooms. We have 12 standard rooms (with high-end showers) and three VIP rooms (with individual restrooms, sauna, and jacuzzi). Rooms are designed with a big room acreage and a modern decor, unlike any other massage shop, for the comfort of our customers. Being the best in Bangkok, we offer the best satisfaction to our customers. Forget about the cramped and stuffy rooms and enjoy private massages with friends, family, and lovers in a large and pleasant space.

Information on using Mi Onsen&Spa

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Relax! Mi Onsen&Spa

Mi Onsen & Spa is Bangkok's No. 1 health massage spa, where couples, families, and friends can enjoy bathhouses and massages at the same time. It is the best Onsen spa that can satisfy customers in the most modern way with the most luxurious amenities in Bangkok.

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Luxurious and hygienic baths

Mi Onsen & Spa has Korea's most advanced sauna system, and is cleaned twice a day by a specialized quarantine company. There are separate bathtubs for men and women, as well as cold baths, hot baths, very hot baths, and steam/dry saunas.. Relax your body and mind in our Mi Onsen&Spa

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a Professional Team

Massage therapists and skincare specialists at Mi Onsen & Spa have undertaken more than six months of professional training. In addition, we provide regular monthly training to maximize expertise, and we are doing our best to encourage our customers to revisit.

Customer’s live reviews

Those are actual reviews from Mi Onsen & Spa’s customers.

“골프치느랴 땀도 한바가지 흘리고 뻐근한 몸풀러 가기에 최적화되어 있네요. 목욕도하고 마사지까지 한번에 받을 수 있으니 말이 필요없죠. 운동하시는 분들에게는 최고의 코스네요!”
조** 고객님
“태국올때마다 항상 오는 곳 입니다. 방콕에 이런시설 이용하려면 금액대가 ㅎㄷㄷ 한데 여기는 저렴하고 편하게 올수있음! 그리고 다른데랑 비교하긴 좀 그렇긴한데.. 굉장히 깨끗하고 넓어요 ㅋㅋㅋ 한국 사장님이 신경많이쓰신듯 하네여"
이** 고객님
Out of 5
"온 몸에 근육이 다 풀린듯~ 하.. 너무 좋았어요:)~~ 몇개월만에 꿀잠 잔 거 같아여! 잠깐 다녀왔는데 온몸이 빠득빠득 개운하고 너무좋네요! 시설도 방콕에서 무조건 1등!"
김** 고객님
“마사지사님들 실력도 좋고 오래오래 영업하시면 좋겠어요! 정말 감사합니다~ 가족끼리, 친구끼리 가시면 후회없고 재방문의사 300% 입니다. 태국 방콕오시면 무조건 들러야하는 곳 TOP3 안에 들어갑니다.”
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It is conveniently located a 5-minute walk from Asoksa Street.


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