mi onsen&spa in bangkok

Facilities and services

Guests are pampered with a wide range of amenities and an advanced Onsen Spa system.


Mi Onsen & Spa

Mi Onsen & Spa is Bangkok's largest onsen & spa, newly opened in 2023, with a total size of more than 3300m² , from the first to third floors. It has the same sauna facilities as in Korea, including hot, cold, dry, and humid saunas. Inside the sauna there is also a separate rest area where you can relax after the sauna. We give great attention to hygiene by constantly sanitizing and cleaning on a daily basis. Men and women of all ages can choose from a variety of our services at Mi Onsen & Spa.


Room information

Mi Onsen & Spa is the first luxury Onsen, spa and massage in Bangkok with 15 massage rooms. We have 12 standard rooms (with high-end showers) and three VIP rooms (with individual restrooms, sauna, and jacuzzi). Rooms are designed with a big room acreage and a modern decor, unlike any other massage shop, for the comfort of our customers. Being the best in Bangkok, we offer the best satisfaction to our customers. Forget about the cramped and stuffy rooms and enjoy private massages with friends, family, and lovers in a large and pleasant space.


Men's Bath

Hot, cold, dry, and humid saunas are available at Mi Onsen & Spa, which has the same sauna facilities as in Korea. There are modern locker rooms, as well as necessary bath supplies and body dryers. Mi Onsen & Spa will help you relax and recover from your travels.


Women's Bath

The Mi Onsen & Spa's women's bath is made in a nature-friendly way, giving your fatigued body and mind a sense of healing. Women's bath is also equipped with cold, hot, very hot baths, and a sauna, so come with your family and friends to warm up your tired body, chatter and release daily stress. 


Professional Therapist

Incomparable to street massage shops! The professional massage therapists of Mi Onsen & Spa are regularly trained and perfectly help relieve customers of fatigue and hot weather accumulated during their journey in Thailand. The massage from Mi Onsen & Spa improves blood circulation and will give you a boost to your travel. 


Rest area

After you enjoy the sauna and finish the massage at Mi Onsen & Spa, there is a restaurant on the second floor where you can have a meal. The restaurant offers a variety of menu options. It's Mi Onsen & Spa where you can take a bath, get a massage, and even have a meal all in one place! You will end up forgetting anything that was disappointing to you during your Thailand journey thanks to Mi Onsen & Spa ! . You can even store your luggage before heading to the airport and enjoy all of these services all at once.